Schools Online Volume 1

This CD contains seven of our most popular curricula from our award-winning Schools Online website.

Schools Online is packed full of imaginative curricula and teaching ideas from the professionals at University of Illinois Extension. You and your students will find these programs user-friendly, lots of fun, and a great addition to your classroom.

The Schools Online CD contains the following websites.

Out on a Limb
Out on a Limb has nothing to do with trees. Nope! It's an interactive guide that teaches children strategies for getting along with others. It is designed to teach youth how to better manage conflicts and challenges they face on a daily basis. Out on a Limb is designed for third graders, but can be used with second and fourth graders as well. Students learn about communication skills, how to listen to others, and how individuals perceive things differently. If you're looking for an effective prompt to get students talking about feelings and how to handle them, this is it!
(Also available in Spanish.)

The Great Plant Escape
Join Detective LePlant, Bud, and Sprout as they look to unlock a green plant's greatest mysteries at The Great Plant Escape. Students find out what parts of a plant are edible for humans, the life cycle of the plant, and how to grow lettuce indoors. Detective LePlant needs help finding clues, doing experiments and solving problems. Students learn the basics of composting, germination, seeds and soils. And once they figure out the basics, it'll be time to hunt down the bulb imposter. It's a great introduction to plant science. For grades 4-5.
(Also available in Spanish.)

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting
This site has it all! Information about how to do business, what to expect at various ages and stages, and how to care for kids. Also, it covers what to ask parents and how to ensure the babysitter's safety and the safety of children under their care. It even has a make-your-own advertising flyer. A terrific way to encourage young entrepreneurs. A Guide to the Business of Babysitting is for 14-19 year olds.
(Also available in Spanish.)

The Adventures of Herman
Your kids won't squirm when they visit The Adventures of Herman website. Herman, the cutest worm you've ever seen, guides kids as they learn the genealogy of worms, a worm's eating habits, and discover how annelids manage without noses, eyes, arms or legs! At Worm Facts, kids find out how there can be more than a million earthworms in one acre of land, and other cool tidbits. Students can also slither out to Herman's Fun Place, where they can write a worm story, explore the underground in Herman's Tunnel, or get color crazy at Color Me Herman. And if students have a question, they can contact Herman directly. Students in grades 3-5 can dive into Herman's worm hole now!
(Also available in Spanish.)

My First Garden
My First Garden helps students learn how to grow their own food! Designed for grades 3-5, it is easily adaptable to other grades. It connects gardening to science, social studies, and mathematics. Through various activities, students will learn to collect and organize data, measure using non-standard units, and plan and problem-solve using estimation. They maintain journals, nurture their plants and plot growth in the gardens. But the most fun is gardening in unbelievable places like an old shoe or a watering can.
(Also available in Spanish.)

Trees Are Terrific
Pierre - a lively acorn - gives kids the low down on trees and why we need them. Young children, 5-8 years old (K-2) learn the parts of a tree, all about leaves and how trees change during the different seasons. It is a wonderful way for young students to learn about trees.
(Also available in Spanish.)

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
Pierre is back with an interactive site for third through fifth grade students that teaches all about roots, the parts of a trunk, and the importance of TLTC - Tender Loving Tree Care. Students will learn to appreciate the trees around them and discover how important trees are.
(Also available in Spanish.)

A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods teaches the wonders of nature. Students learn that if they look closely they can discover lichens, acorns and mushrooms. They learn about raccoons, wildflowers and even fireflies. It's an engaging way to teach environmental stewardship to third through fifth graders.

Let's Talk about Insects
C.P. Ant introduces 9-11 year olds to the wonderful world of insects. Students learn about the magic of metamorphosis, what makes an insect an insect, and an insect's basic body parts. Let's Talk about Insects stresses the many benefits insects bring to our environment. Students can also design and name their own insect.
(Also available in Spanish.)

Schools Online Volume 2

This CD contains eight of our newest and most popular curricula from our award-winning Schools Online websites at

Schools Online websites are full of engaging curricula and teaching ideas from the professionals at University of Illinois Extension. You and your students will find these programs user-friendly, highly interactive, challenging, yet fun, and a wonderful addition to your classroom.

The Tree House Weather Kids
Have you ever seen or experienced a tornado? What about a hurricane? Join Jacob, Kaylee, Carlos, Wyatt, and Molly on a weather adventure to see these and other weather phenomena in action. The Tree House Weather Kids is designed for students grades 5-8. This interactive website provides basic information on weather topics such as winds, moisture, air pressure, seasons, and storms. Students will join The Tree House Weather Kids in a series of learning adventures that brings the science of weather to life.

The All-Star River Explorers
Travel down the river with The All-Star River Explorers. Third through fifth grade students learn the basics of hydrology and how rivers are formed as well as their importance in our lives. Through working with the river explorers, students will gain an understanding of what rivers are as well as learn about river management. They have a chance to also explore the horrible things people have done to rivers- using them as a trash can and dumping place. This website helps students learn how important it is to be a good environmental steward.

Riding the Winds with Kalani
Take a ride with everyone's favorite weather balloon- Kalani! When students ride the winds with Kalani, they learn about the sun, seasons, temperature, clouds, and even precipitation! Riding the Winds with Kalani is designed for 5-8 year olds. They learn about basic earth movements such as rotation and revolution, how the tilt of the Earth's axis and its revolution create seasons, what temperature is, the basic types of clouds, precipitation, and even lightning, thunder, and tornadoes. Riding the Winds with Kalani is a great way to spark students' interests in the weather.
(Also in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean)

Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini
Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini is exactly that- fun! With every letter of the alphabet comes a food with its own story. This educational program has been designed for use by K-2, but is versatile and can be adapted by adding study skills and activities right for all grade levels. Food Fun is created to introduce students to fresh produce that they may not have ever tasted. It is an excellent resource to use with the USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetables programs as well as other childhood obesity programs.

As an added bonus, "Our Stars' Gallery" shows actual images of the various fruit and vegetable items so students can find them in the store! It will help students' reading, writing, and creative arts skills.

The Great Corn Adventure
Corn's reach extends farther than the plains of Kansas, Illinois, and Nebraska. The long history of this plant began hundreds of years ago. Join Zea Mays to learn all about one of the world's most important crops- Corn! This adventure will teach students the history of corn, the importance of corn as a grain around the world, how corn grows and the various growth stages, how corn is harvested, and the many uses of corn. Students will be able to participate in an interactive online environment that will enrich their understanding of corn beyond just corndogs and corn on the cob! 
(Also available in Spanish.)

Fresh from the World...Where Your Food Comes From
Where is rice eaten three times a day? Why are peanuts called goobers? What is the secret to making popcorn pop? Students discover the answers to these questions as well as hundreds of others and learn more about the origins and travels of some of our favorite foods. Fresh from the World...Where Your Food Comes From helps students learn about food production and distribution as well as learn about local U-pick, farmer's markets, and food festivals. Designed for grades 4-5, it is easily adaptable to other grades.
(Also available in Spanish)

Shake, Rattle, and Slide
Shake, Rattle, and Slide's focus is how forces on and within the earth shape our world. Two major landform shaping processes, plate tectonics and continental glaciations are discussed.  Plate tectonics explains how forces deep inside the earth make pieces of the earth's crust separate, collide, and slide past each other. These all combine to help shape mountains, plains, and valleys on continents along with islands and deep trenches in the ocean. Students will learn how the Ice Ages created major changes in the landscape. This website is filled with animations to help students visualize these sometimes complex processes. For grades 5-8.
(Also available in Spanish.)