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University of Illinois

News Releases

The news release you are trying to access has expired.

Following are current news releases from University of Illinois Extension in urban Illinois.

11/24/14Gifts for the Gardener

11/17/14African Violets

11/17/14Using Your Fireplace Safely

11/17/14Shift in gut bacteria observed in fiber supplement study may offer good news for weight loss

11/13/14Skunks Galore

11/12/14Hedge Apples: Facts & Myths

11/10/14Is Your Relationship Moving Toward Marriage? If It Isn't - You Probably Can't Admit It

11/10/14Let’s Talk Turkey: Balancing Family Traditions and Food Safety

11/07/14Happy American Diabetes Month: Diabetes and the Glycemic Index

11/03/14National 4-H Congress highlights exceptional career work of Illinois’ top 4-H members

11/02/14Pumpkin Seeds

10/30/14Thanksgiving Dinner - A Little Different Than the Pilgrims' First Feast

10/30/14Just Like Grandma’s ---Only Better For You!

10/27/14Picking Trees that Provide Rich Fall Color

10/27/14U of I Research: Birds roosting in large groups less likely to contract West Nile virus

10/20/14Protecting Your Home From Fall Insect Invaders

10/15/14Save Milkweed seed and help the Monarch Butterfly

10/01/14Search for better biofuels microbes leads to the human gut

10/01/14Don't Move Firewood

09/23/14Putting Small Acres to Good Use: Workshop Series Announced

09/10/14New help for living with diabetes: Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes website

09/08/14Sept. 1 corn stocks estimate – Does it matter?

09/04/14Convalescent Center Garden a Monarch Waystation

07/10/14U of I Arboretum Hosta Garden dedicated as a national display garden

06/04/14Be A Good Sport and Mind Your Sportsmanship P’s & Q’s

06/04/14U of I Extension Marks 100 Years and Looks to Next 100 Years

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