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Extension Websites Help You Enjoy Fall to the Fullest

November 5, 2013

Fall is the favorite time of year for many people. It brings with it crisp air, beautiful colors, and distinctive opportunities for food and fun. University of Illinois Extension offers a variety of websites that will help you take advantage of those opportunities.

  • Apples and More provides detailed information for everyone from the serious apple grower down to the avid apple eater. Apple varieties are described and explained for their best eating and/or baking uses, and multiple articles address how to grow apples in different areas of the country as well as problems that may occur. There are recipes tested by an Extension educator, an "Apples: A Class Act" curriculum for teachers, a list of apple orchards around the state, and a list of apple festivals held across the country. Visit the site to learn fun apple facts and nutrition information. There's a reason we've all heard "An apple a day…!" http://urbanext.illinois.edu/apples/default.cfm
  • Pumpkins and More brings out the kid in all of us, with Halloween just around the corner. You can read the history of the Jack-o-Lantern (it involves an Irish myth and a man nicknamed 'Stingy Jack'). Experiment with pumpkin recipes (anyone for pumpkin-amaretto cheesecake?) and find pumpkin farms and pumpkin festivals. Even learn how to make healthy pumpkin Halloween treats. And when Thanksgiving rolls around, impress your family with your knowledge of the largest pumpkin pie ever made - 350 pounds! http://urbanext.illinois.edu/pumpkins/default.cfm
  • Bulbs and More gives the flower gardener all the information they need to get ready for the coming year. Fall is the prime time for planting hardy spring-flowering bulbs, and there is a detailed section on the planting and care of bulbs. A selection of bulbs (and when they flower) is available, as well as detailed information on landscaping with bulbs. There is a list of links to other websites on this topic, including some state-specific sites, and a Q&A section that addresses many problems most bulb gardeners face. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/bulbs/index.cfm
  • The Miracle of Fall is a website for anyone who appreciates the spectacular display of fall colors, particularly in the northern climes. Read a list of foliage updates to learn the peak times for fall colors around the country. Find the most scenic locations to drive and hike. If you can't make a trip, browse through the foliage photos or check out foliage cams around the country that are updated throughout the day. There is also a list of foliage trees and their colors and fall festivals by state. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/fallcolor/default.cfm
  • The Great Corn Adventure is an interactive website for kids featuring Zea Mays. Zea takes children through a number of different topics, including "What Is Corn and What's the Story?," "A Year in the Life of an Ear," "Harvest Time," "Where's It Go?," and "It's a Lot More than Cornflakes." Children learn the importance of corn around the world as Zea shows them how corn is grown, harvested, distributed, and used. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/fallcolor/default.cfm

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures grow cooler, take the time to browse through one or more of these Extension websites that can help you enjoy fall to the fullest!

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Source: Jane Scherer, Director of Web Development, jscherer@uiuc.edu