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Links & Reviews forOur Rose Garden

The following 88 sites have linked to our Our Rose Garden website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

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Break Broker

Bulb and Bloom - Top 10 David Austin Roses - Planting and Care
"See The University of Illinois educational extension web site as a helpful resource for rose pruning pointers."

Callies Garden

Carmel-by-the-Sea Garden Club - Horticulture Tips of the Month

Charleston County Public Library, Charleston, SC

eHow - How to Identify Leaf Spot on Roses - Resources

Elegant Home Improvement

Eureka Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society

Evansville Online

Flowers in Motion of NYC Flower Talk

Garden Banter

Garden Time Online

Gardening in a Minute, University of Florida Extension

"History Selecting rose Plants Site Selection Bed Preparation Planting Water, Mulch Fertilizer Winter Protection Pruning Disease Insect"

Goshen Central School District - The Life Cycle of a Plant

Goshen Intermediate School, Goshen, NY

Helpful Gardener - Garden Forum - Rose Forum
"This site has some great rose pruning info with pictures. If you scroll down you will see info on pruning the different types. http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/roses/prune.html"

Illinois 4-H Projects - Curriculum Support

Ilona's Garden-DIY Landscaping - Roses - More of Interest

Ilona's Gardening - Roses, Roses, Roses
"More of Interest: A selection of pages on the web Our Rose Garden"

Info Jardin

"Find out how to grow and care for roses. University of Illinois Extension."

Internet Directory for Botany, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Internet Directory of Botany, Harvard University Herbarium

Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management

Irving Park Garden Club - Blog - University of Illinois Extension
"University of Illinois Extension has lots of great info on their web site."

Ivy Nursery

Ivy Nursery, Charlottesville, Virginia

Joe Ant

KidsGardening - Garden Resources - Getting to Know Roses
"For more details on how to maintain roses, check out the following Web sites: University of Illinois Extension Online Rose Guide"


"Find out how to grow and care for roses in Our Rose Garden. Includes sections on rose history, selecting rose plants, site selection and bed preparation"

Land Steward - Reader Response
"Here is a link that will help you with your rose bush maintenance and also give you other care information. You might want to keep it on hand for future reference. http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/roses/winter.html"

Librarians' Internet Index

Librarians' Internet Index - Plants

Librarians' Internet Index - Publisher: University of Illinois - Our Rose Garden

Lincoln Daily News

Lincoln Daily News

Men's Garden Club of Villa Park

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

Morning Glories - Links of Interest

Morning Glories.com - Links of Interest

New Haven Register - Pruning Helps Bud, Flower Growth
"An excellent resource is “Our Rose Garden” online at http://urbanext.illinois.edu/roses/."

Ohio State University Garden Tips

Ohio State University Plant Facts

Oklahoma University - Internet Directory for Botany
"Our Rose Garden, University of Illinois Extension, USA"

Oklahoma University - Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List

Organic Rose Gardening - Resource
"Comprehensive rose information from the University of Illinois Extension."

Organic Rose Gardening - Rose Resources

Queens Library - Gardening
"Our Rose Garden Everything you've ever wanted to know, rose-wise. Includes history, selection, planting, pests and sources. Searchable and browseable. Sponsored by the University of Illinois' extension program."


Reds Garden Center - Garden Links for June

Red's Garden Center, Northbrook, IL

Richland County (SC) Public Library

Richland County Public Library - Roses - Related Links

Richmond and Wayne County, IN

RLS Landscape and Nursery Co, Elburn, IL

Rose, Rosen, Roses - Portal
""This short guide to rose gardening will hopefully help sort through some of the confusion about roses and entice you to include one or more of these plants in your garden." Includes tips for selection, site selection and bed preparation, planting, pruning, and pest and disease protection. Features photos, videos, diagrams, and links to related resources. From the University of Illinois Extension."


South Plainfield Public Library - Useful Websites: Home & Garden
"Our Rose Garden - An extensive site devoted to growing roses, with information, photos, and links (University of Illinois)."

South Plainfield Public Library, South Plainfield, NJ

Sustainable and Urban Gardening

The Healthy Rose

The New Perennial Club
"Hybrid Tea roses and climbers need special winter protection in colder regions. This site shows you step-by-step how to do it with success."

The Post and Courier - Web Sites of the Week

"A history of roses"

Transport Universe
"Find out how to grow and care for roses. University of Illinois Extension."

Treelink.org - Species
"Our Rose Garden - University of Illinois Extension In-depth website on roses that includes the history of roses, information about varieties, planting, winter protection, pruning, disease, insect pests and much more."

UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology

uknetguide answer bank

uknetguide answer bank

University of Florida Extension

University of Florida Extension

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Find out how to grow and care for roses in Our Rose Garden. Includes sections on rose history, selecting rose plants, site selection and bed preparation"

Vocational Information Center

Wanderings to other rose links

Washington State University
"A thorough site that begins with history. There are links to pages on planting, fertilizing, pruning, and types."

Washington State University, Hort 231

WayNet, Richmond and Wayne County, IN


"Find out how to grow and care for roses. University of Illinois Extension."

Yahoo! Asia

Yahoo! Canada

Yahoo! Directory - Roses
"the University of Illinois Extension presents the history of roses as well as site selection, planting, pruning, pest control, and watering."

Yahoo! UK

"Find out how to grow and care for roses. University of Illinois Extension."


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