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Links & Reviews forComposting in the Home Garden

The following 23 sites have linked to our Composting in the Home Garden website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

Al Krismers Plant Farm - October Garden Tips - Garden Maintenance

Alderman Shiller.com - Compost Your Leaves This Fall

Booman Tribune Blog - Wake Up Waterlily - Saturday Garden
"I find this site (http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/compost/process.html) pretty helpful."

Brigham Young University - Home Grown - How to Work with Soil

Chicago Tribune - Chicago Gardener - 2007 - September - Knock Out Roses

Chicago Tribune - Chicago Gardener Blog - Help With Composting
"This Extension site is straightforward and useful: http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/compost/process.html"

Chicago Tribune - Chicago Gardener Blog - Knock Out Roses

Chicago Tribune - The Chicago Gardner - 2007 - May - Help with Composting

Composting101 - How to Compost

"Decomposition, or the composting process, occurs constantly and gradually around us everyday. The dark, rich soil covering the forest floor is an excellent example of this. When we compost, all we're really doing is speeding up Mother Nature."

Daily Herald - Start a Compost Pile Now
"For more information on composting and managing yard wastes, contact the local University of Illinois Extension office or visit the Extension Web site at www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/compost."

Garden Stew - Forums - Gardening Other - Organic Gardening - Compost Bin Help/Advice Needed

Natice Suburbia - Digging Deeper - Composting - Compost Not Garbage

Online Information Service for Non-Chemical Pest Management in the Tropics
"University of Illinois Extension. The composting process."

Organic Gardening Guru - Composting: Hitting Paydirt

Organic Gardening Guru - Composting: Hitting Paydirt

PAN Germany - OISAT - Links - Plant Health Management

PAN Germany - Online Information Service for Non-Chemical Pest Management in the Tropics - Links

Planet Natural - Compost Bin Buyer's Guide

Solid Waste Agency of Lake County - Compost
"Composting at home has two main benefits: you dispose of less material while making mulch for your plants! For more information about how to compost, see the link below: University of Illinois Extension Composting Guide - http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/compost/"

University of British Columbia Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research

Vegetable Gardening Guru - Building Soil in the Garden

"You'll know that the decomposition process is "done" when you can't distinguish any of the raw materials. It should smell and feel like rich soil."


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