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The following 27 sites have linked to our Water Gardening website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

"The University of Illinois Extension has put together a very useful Water Gardening Primer with help on getting your water garden set up, finding appropriate water plants and keeping algae at bay."

Apartment Ratings.com - Gardening - Tips for Starting an Apartment Garden
"A great guide to aquatic container gardening is available at Water Gardening."


Container Gardening - Unconventional and Conventional Urban Planting - Water Gardening


Garden Artisans - Newsletter - Container Water Gardening - Sources

Garden Links

Google Answers
"Algae Problems in Water Gardens"

Google Answers - View Question - Goldfish Health and Maintaining a Fish Pond

Haute Nature - Container Water Garden: Mini Ecosystem
"You may also need this aquatic plant list as a reference."

Info Jardin

Lawn & Garden Magic

MDAR Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

National Gardening Association
"Visit the University of Illinois Extension's Hort Corner Web site for all sorts of gardening information, tips, and fun facts. Get tips on Forcing Branches Indoors or explore the ins and outs of Water Gardening, for example."

Natural Selections

Ohio State University Extension - Agriculture & Natural Resources - Water Gardens

Plant Care - Water & Irrigation - Water a Garden - How to Make a Container Water Garden

Plantation Garden Center Calgary, Canada


South Pond Porject 2009 Native Habitats - Directions - Pond - Water Gardening

The Flower Expert - Lotus Flowers - Interesting Information on this Topic

The Flower Expert - Water Gardening Flowers - Interesting Information on this Topic

The Garden Link
"Explains the different types of plants (marginal, submerged, floating), planting aquatic plants, container water gardening and algae problems. Nicely Illustrated."


University of Florida IFAS Extension

University of Washington - Elisabeth C. Miller Library - Gardening Answers Knowledgebase

University of Washington Botanic Gardens - Nymphaea
"You can also find information on the following website: http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/watergarden/planting.html."


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