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Links & Reviews forBusiness of Babysitting (Spanish)

The following 7 sites have linked to our Business of Babysitting (Spanish) website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

Alimentacion Blog - Networks and Portals

Blog de RACSA - Recommended Sites for the Month of November

Learning Languages.net (Internet Scout Project/University of Wisconson)
"From the University of Illinois Extension, Una Guía para el Negocio de Cuidado de Niños is a Spanish language guide on baby-sitting. The site has four main sections: doing business, stages and ages, baby-sitting, and advertising. Entirely in Spanish, this guide is a good way to become familiar with baby-sitting for pocket money, how to properly take care of children, and the level of development children have at different ages. For students interested in baby-sitting or who have Spanish speaking clients, this guide is an ideal way to work out communication gaps and to become a better baby-sitter. The site also offers a short quiz at the end to determine how much site information has been retained. Also available in an English version, bilingual classrooms for older students may consider this good material for health or business-oriented classes."

Umearen Autonomia eta harreman pertsonalak Blog - Who is It?

University of Michigan Health System

University of Michigan Health System
"Here is a link to a great site for sitters. Parents may want to refer their sitter to this web page, or print this information and give it to their sitter ahead of time, so the sitter is aware of the level of professionalism expected by the parents. Sitters who know and follow these guidelines will be highly respected by parents, and always in demand."

University of Michigan Health System - Babysitter Safety - What Parents and Sitters Need to Know
"Here is a link to a great site for sitters called: A Guide to the Business of Babysitting. It's also in Spanish!"


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