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The following 10 sites have linked to our Out on a Limb (Spanish) website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

CEIP-TIC Pedro Corchado - Escuela de paz - Para trabajar en el aula(To work in class)

Ciberotecta - A Stroll Through the Internet - Elementary - Social Sciences

Excite UK
"Historia interactiva que ofrece ayuda para aprender a resolver peleas y conflictos."

Hamilton Fish Institute
"The University of Illinois Extension now brings us "Out on a Limb," a terrific website where younger children (in third grade or so) can learn about dealing with conflict. As they read along with the narrator, they can watch as the animated characters try different ways of reacting to problems with other children as well as with adults. This interactive website shows kids that while it may not be quick or easy, using a "think and share" negotiation process is the best way to resolve a problem. They also learn about feelings, the importance of listening, and about understanding another person's perspective. There is even an activity at the end where children can experiment with how different facial expressions portray different emotions."

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Yahoo! Mexico
"Siempre que tengas problemas para llevarte bien con alguien, tienes tres formas diferentes de como actuar. Esta guía te enseñará como actuar y como resolver esos problemas."


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