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Links & Reviews forSoil Testing

The following 10 sites have linked to our Soil Testing website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

All Experts - Landscaping - Lawns - Blackspot

All Experts - Landscaping and Design - Redesigning our Front Beds
"I'll start with your last question, forst - soils tests: Here is a link of local firms with websites for you to chose from. Here, a standard test runs about $35, but worth the money."

All Experts - Lawns - Blackspot
"A soil test is a GREAT idea. Here's a list of soil labs in your region:"

All Experts.com - Lawns - Blackspot

Home, Yard & Garden Pest - Why Is "Iron" Chlorosis So Severe Now?

Kitty Joyce Gardens - Archives - July 10, 2004 - Soil Mania
"High summer now and my mind lightly turns to thoughts of soil tests. I've decided we need one, because some parts of the yard are still not thriving, despite considerable attention. Here's some IUC information about soil testing and a list of labs."

KittyJoyce Gardens - Blog - Soil Mania

Midwest Pond & Koi Society - WGN Radio’s “Let’s Talk Gardening” - List of Soil Testing Labs

Mike Nowak - Resource Handout - Lists of Soil Testing Labs

MikeNowak.net - Soil, Composting, and Vermicomposting - Online Lists of Soil Testing Labs


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