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Links & Reviews forComposting for the Home Gardener

The following 45 sites have linked to our Composting for the Home Gardener website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

A Vegetable Gardening Guide for the Organic Grower

Avant Garde Organics, Prosper, TX

Batavians for Clean Energy and Conservation - Compost
"The University of Illinois Extension Office has a site that answers all your questions but don't be alarmed by the amount of information. Remember, compost happens. It just does. http://web.extension.uiuc.edu/homecompost/building.html."

Brown County, Wisconsin - UW Extension - 4-H Development - Home Grounds

Carnegie Library - Tools and Research - Home Gardening - Composting - Web Sites

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Chicago Tribune Blog - Chicago Gardener - Are You a Turner, a Dumper or a Digger?

Composting 101

Composting101.com - Compost Bins - Sheet Composting
"Visit the University of Illinois Extension for more about the benefits and concerns of sheet composting."

eHow - Home - Gardening and Plants - About Compost Items - Resources

Euclid Avenue United Methodist Church - Composting Websites

Fox News - Blog - How Green? - Let the Composting Begin!
"The University of Illinois’ “Building Your Compost Pile” tutorial also proved immensely helpful in building my compost pile."

Garden Web - Forum - Organica Compost Activator
"Here is a link that might be useful: Composting for the Homeowner"

Garden Web Forums - Compost Chicken and Goat Waste/Nitrogen

GardenIllinois.com - Gardening Tips for January - 9. Start a Compost Pile

Gardening Green - Organic Gardens - Blog - The Seven Habits of Successful Gardeners

Green Air - Blog - Worms World: Composting in the U.S.A.

Green Air Radio Blog - Worms World: Composting in the USA

Home Composting Made Easy - Compost Links and Resources
"An excellent site for learning many of the basics and science of home composting. Extensive and detailed with nice illustrations and a few photos. Could use more photos to break up the wordiness."

Life Less Plastic - Blog - Composting Success has Me Shouting, "I Made Earth"

Life Less Plastic Blog - Composting Success Has Me Shouting "I Made Earth"

Mamapedia - Article - Calling All Composters!

McHenry County Defenders

MJJ Sales - Articles - Backyard Conservation Tips - Composting

Northwest Vermon Solid Waste Management District - How to Compost - Links

Northwest Vermont Solid Waste Management District - How to Compost

Planet Natural

Plant Doctor

Southern Illinois Outdoors - Forum - Home Gardening - Help - Starting a Compost Pile
"Here's good link for those just geting started with a compost pile."

Southern Maryland Community Forums - The Environment, Green Living - Composte Pile

The Chicago Tribune - The Chicago Gardner - 2007 - 05 - Help with Composting
"This Extension site is straightforward and useful:"

The Chicago Tribune - The Chicago Gardner - 2007 - 09 - Knock Out Roses are tough, not that tough

The Daily Green - Green Homes - Important Voices - Greengrower - 7 Habits of Successful Gardeners

The Daily Green Blog - Make Compost

The Examiner - Family & Parenting - May 8, 2009 - A Child for All Seasons

The Examiner - Society & Culture - May 29, 2009 - Conscious Composting
"The University of Illinois also has a great site dedicated to composting, giving you the what, when, where and how."

The Queensland Gardening Pages, Australia

The Seasoned Gardener

U Wire - Going Green Blog - Let the Composting Begin!

University of Florida Extension - Gardening in a Minute - Compost Maintenance

University of Illinois - Integrative Biology - Compost Food Web: Nutrient Cycling and Energy Flow

UWire - Blog - Swapping a Printer for a Screen - Compost Pile Compromised

Wikipedia - Compost - References

Wikipedia.org - Compost - External Links


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