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The following 29 sites have linked to our Stain Solutions website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

A Word From Aunt B (Blog)
"Laundry genius!"

Cosmopolitan Magazine Greek Forum

DinSide - Norwegian News Site, "Create Your Own First Aid Kit to Stains"

DinSide - Norweigien News Site
"*TRANSLATION* Ingenious Website University of Illinois has done the dirty work, so you do not - and collected a number of intelligent stain solutions on the website Stain Solutions . All you need to do is enter the stain, and then you get advice on how to remove it from a variety of materials. The website is in English, and this may offer some problems for some, so we take here with some example how to remove ketchup ... Besides ketchup tips you can read Stain solutions , and here you can see how to remove the typical barbecue spots if you've got barbecue sauce, dressing or potato salad stains on findressen. Several tricks, including how to get away black heel marks on parquet, grass stains from jeans knees and dirt rim of shirt collar."

Dream A Little Bigger - Blog

eHow Article "How to Get Red Wine Out of the Couch's Fabric" (Reference)

Gift4Him - "Ultimate Guide of How to Remove Stains From Clothes"

Internet is Useful - How-To/Skills

It's Written on the Wall (blog)
"Yeah, just what is your stain? I'm pretty sure whatever it is, it will be included in the chart above. Just go to the site and click on the stain icon and it will take you to the page where it tells you how to get it out! I know, AMAZING!"

Janitorial Cleaning Services, New York Inc.

LifeHacker - "Stain Solutions Finds The Cure For Removing Any Stain"
"The University of Illinois’ Stain Solution website gathers exhaustive remedies for hundreds of common, hard-to-remove stains in one easy-to-search resource — with surprising specificity. Did that coffee stain come with cream or no cream? The site offers a variety of stain solutions, including for difficult ones like blood and ink (including fountain, red and India ink). It’ll tell you exactly what kind of tools you’ll need to arm yourself with, and the procedure for removing it. Best of all, the explanations highlight how to remove the stain from different places, like from your carpet or your clothes, along with alternate methods. The methods stain removal themselves are extremely thorough. If you had an unfortunate morning mishap with your coffee, just search the site for “coffee”. The results suggest using liquid dishwashing detergent, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, an enzyme pre-soak product, and chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. Soak it for 15 minutes in a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent and white vinegar. Rinse, and then sponge it with rubbing alcohol. Soak it again for 30 minutes in warm water with a bit of the enzyme pre-soak product and your stain shouldn’t stand a chance."

Like Mother Like Daughter (blog)
"This website has a complete guide to stain removal, organized by culprit. And it’s full of colorful pictures, which makes it appealing: Stain Solutions. I haven’t used it so I can’t swear to its wisdom, but it is certainly the most exhaustive list of stain solutions I’ve ever seen!"

Living Green & Frugally - "What Is Your Stain ? 200+ Fixes To Help Get Them Out Of Your Clothes"
"Click the link below for over 200 different types of stains and ways to help you get that stain out. I have never seen so many fixes for all different types of stain before so this is a great page to book mark for that day that you may need it."

Make Use Of - Stain Solutions: Learn How To Remove Any Stains

News Observer - Top Drawer: The Best Stuff for Your Home and Garden
"Best for stains The University of Illinois Extension Service compiled a set of nifty web links with ways to deal with virtually any stain in your home. Visit http://nando.com/eo to browse a list of stains from A to Z and find solutions for removing an array of stubborn messes, from alcoholic beverages and sauces to makeup concealer and hair dye, paint and glue. For example, you can remove sodas and syrup from washable fabrics with a combination of liquid dishwashing detergent, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, an enzyme presoak and bleach, the extension service says. Or remove oil-based paint from carpet by using a combination of alcohol, detergent and hydrogen peroxide. The stain guide walks you through the ingredients and steps of each stain removal process. Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/01/17/3538437/top-drawer.html#storylink=cpy"

Oh the Lovely Things (blog) - Link Love
"I stumbled upon Stain Solutions (via Pinterest) and immediately bookmarked it. It finds the cure for removing hundreds of stains, from adhesive tape to zucchinis (and even "unknown" stains), telling you what supplies you need and the procedure to remove the stains from different places (like clothes or carpet). You can browse through the list of 226 common stains, or use their search tool to find quickly what you need. Handy!"

Organize Sem Frescuras (Portuguese blog) - "SOS Stains: How to Get Stains out of Clothes"

Organize Solutions Blog - "Stain Solutions"

Organized Chaos Online - "Our Go-To Stain Dictionary"
"How do I get wine out of my shirt? I just dripped candle wax on the carpet? Do I have to replace it? I tried to dye my hair and ended up getting it on my clothes – will it come out? My son spilled nail polish on the floor and I have no idea how to remove it. In the last week, all of these things have been said to us which was followed up with, “Do you know how?” Our answer is always yes. It’s not because we’re super brill and can remember every way to get a stain out. We know the answer because we go to the Stain Dictionary every single time. Life is a freaking mess a lot of the time. Perfect pictures and perfect lives are unattainable (don’t believe everything you see in those carefully styled photos). We’re about taking a situation that is less than perfect and finding a solution to make it better. Let’s do it in the least amount of time, keep it simple and move on with life. We present to you, one of the most amazing resources we know of. Click the image to get to the site. Once you’re there, either search for your stain or enter it in the search bar and you will find the best way to get it out."

Reddit "Life Hacks" thread

Remove Stains - "How to Get Coffee Stains Out With Vinegar"

SFGate (News Site) - "Ultimate Guide of How to Remove Stains From Clothes"

Shawnee Forest Diaries (blog) - Our Favorite Sites

Stain Solutions - Coast Design Kitchen and Bath (company blog)
"Susan Taylor, a former educator at The University of Illinois, has put together THE coolest comprehensive list of solutions to the world's biggest stain problems A-Z. You simply find your stain and their site gives you a list of the supplies you'll need and the preferred method for removing the stain. There's even a search bar. In addition, they provide general care tips for carpet, upholstery, and washables fabrics as well as the stain tips you'll need to clean them. We just thought this was too cool not to pass along!"

The Homestead Survival - "What Is Your Stain? 200 Stain Emergencies Fixes..."
"University of Illinois Extension website has an amazing interactive clickable database of over 200 different items that can cause stains. Each item has a picture that you click and the method and the ingredients you need to remove the stain with pop up on your computer screen. It is really an amazing list of how to remove all kinds of stains…. hair dye, blood, baby oil, car motor oil, beets, Barbecue sauce and 199 more others."

Thrifty DIY Diva (blog) - "DIY Stain Removal – How To Remove Almost Any Stain"

Upper Arlington Public Library - References

Woman's Day Magazine - "7 Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal"
"Research. Pause to look up the best stain removal tactic for the stain at hand. Keep the Stain Solutions database at Web.Extension.Illinois.edu/Stain bookmarked on your computer. It gives multiple step-by-step stain removal options for numerous culprits so you can clean with whatever you have on the shelf."

WorldStart - "Stain Solutions"
"Getting stains out of clothing, carpet, and upholstery can be a really hard task! Well, the University of Illinois thought that it should be easier, and that you should be able to find stain solutions all in one place. The easiest way to use the site if you have a stain you need to take care of is to type the kind of stain into the search engine on the main page and clicking the search button. (Some examples: barbeque sauce, red wine, kool-aid, ink, etc.) Choose your stain from the list that comes up when you start typing and head on over to its page to discover how to get rid of it. But that’s not the only thing to do on this site. You can click the Getting Started link to be whisked away to the section that teaches you about the general care for carpet and upholstery, and the different product and tools you might need to get rid of stains, as well as, the stain guide. If you don’t want to mess around with the search engine you can head to Stains A – Z to see the listing of different stains and their solutions. Featured Solutions is a section that provides you different featured stain solutions. While I was visiting it was BBQ stains and Spring stains. This is definitely a site that you want to bookmark so that you have it on hand when you have a stain to get rid of! http://web.extension.illinois.edu/stain/index.cfm"


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