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Links & Reviews forFocus on Plant Problems

The following 23 sites have linked to our Focus on Plant Problems website. Links to commercial products or enterprises do not constitute endorsement by University of Illinois Extension.

Open Directory Project

Chicago Botanic Garden Plant Information
"Focus on Plant Diseases"

Do It Yourself

Farm Industry News - Precision ag on the cheap? Ideas for farmer “hackers”

Helpful Gardener - Gardening Forum - Yellowing Leaves and Brown Spots - Comments

Iowa State University - Integrated Pest Management - Pest List for Diseases On Ornamentals in Iowa

Iowa State University Extension - Horticulture & Home Pest News - Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic

NC State University
"This page ,titled "Chlorosis", describes the causal agents and hosts, symptoms, and common methods of treatment for chlorosis. It also has links to some other common disease topics."

North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension - Insects to Watch For

Open Directory

Penn State - Entomology - Insect Advise - Christmas Trees

Penn State - Entomology - Insect Advise - General Pest Information

Purdue Extension - Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory - The Leaves on My Trees are Turning Yellow


The UK Tree Care Mailing List

UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research - Forum - Feneral Gardening Questions and Answer

UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research

UKnetguide answer bank

University of Idaho Extension - Trees - Diagnosing Plant Problems - Cytospora

University of Illinois Integrated Pest Management

University of Maryland Cooperative Extension - Environmental Horticulture - References

UNL Extension - Lancaster County - Horticulture: Your Yard & Garden - Plant Pests



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