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Debra Stocker
Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development
State 4-H Office
801 N. Country Fair Drive
Suite E
Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 217-333-0910
FAX: 217-333-9287

Debra Stocker

Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development

Debra Stocker is an Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development with University of Illinois Extension. She joined the State 4-H Office in March 1991 after 10+ years in county positions with University of Illinois Extension. Her county positions included both Home Economics and Youth responsibilities. She currently provides leadership for the Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team, youth leadership activities, and conferences including the Illini Summer Academies and Citizenship Washington Focus, Illinois State Fair Jr. Department, Illinois 4-H Recognition for Excellence program, and 4-H awards and scholarships. Her expertise includes youth voice and leadership, team-building, recognition and awards, and event management.

Deb was instrumental in the formation and development of the Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team. Since 1999, she has served as an advisor to this statewide group of older 4-H members and recent 4-H alumni who provide event and promotional support to the University of Illinois Extension 4-H program. This group is responsible for the creation, design, and implementation of the Illinois 4-H Junior Leadership Conference and the Speaking for Illinois 4-H (SFI4-H) program. Deb coordinates the Youth Leadership Team's efforts by providing registration and logistical support for these two statewide programs.

Deb is also responsible for the organization of the Illinois State Fair Jr. Department, working with two advisory committees and State Fair management to create judging opportunities and activities for thousands of youth each year. She organizes and manages the Illini Summer Academies in collaboration with several colleges and departments across the University of Illinois. Her responsibilities also include coordinating the Illinois National 4-H Conference delegation and providing support for Legislative Connection and to volunteer coordinators of the Citizenship Washington Focus trip.

Deb has been involved with the Illinois 4-H Recognition for Excellence program since its inception in 1984 when she was a member of the original design team. In her current position, she manages numerous recognition items and the state 4-H award selection process. She also provides requested trainings to both staff and volunteers in the Recognition for Excellence program. Deb is responsible for coordinating two national 4-H award trips for Illinois delegates. She works with the Illinois 4-H Foundation, Inc. and another volunteer group to coordinate three scholarship programs on an annual basis.

Deb is an active member of the NAE4-HA Programs Committee Youth-in-Governance Task Force and has served as co-chairman and chairman of this group. She has also served on the National 4-H Congress Design Team for several terms, serving at various times as chairman of Facilities, Programs, and Headquarters Committees. Deb also served one year as an assistant coordinator for National 4-H Conference, working with registration and event facilitation.

Deb received her M.E. degree from Southern Illinois University -Edwardsville in Educational Technology and her B.S. degree in Home Economics from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana.

Her professional affiliations include: National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA); Illinois Extension Professional for Youth Education (IEPYE); and Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP). Deb is currently serving on the IEPYE Board of Directors as secretary. She has received the Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service Awards form NAE4-HA; Outstanding Teen Program and various Communication Awards from IEPYE; and two Outstanding Program - Team Awards from University of Illinois Extension.

Program Offerings

Youth Leadership Development

Team Building

Recognition for Excellence, including 4-H Award Program

Real Colors

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