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Environmental Stewardship

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Healthy Indoor Air
The Healthy Indoor Air web site will help you identify and prevent air quality problems and will give you the necessary solutions.

All-Star River Explorers
Join famous North American river explorers as you learn about what rivers are, how they form, and why they are so important to us.

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
The Sea Grant network is dedicated to an approach that uses research, education and outreach to promote the wise use of our nation's coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes resources for a sustainable economy and environment.

Composting in the Home Garden
Turn your yard waste into compost.

Disaster Resources
Quick access to information on disaster preparedness and recovery.

Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP)
ASAP facilitates and promotes research and education which protects Illinois' natural and human resources while sustaining agricultural production.

Local Community Resources
This website includes information for community residents and governments on water quality, land use, government finance, meeting management, and more.

West Nile Virus
Learn what you can do to protect yourself from West Nile Virus.

Natural Resources, the Environment and Ecosystems
Activities for teachers to help their students become more aware of how plants, animals and humans interact with ecosystems.

Certified Crop Adviser (Online Courses)
Online course for CCA credit

Composting Central
A clearinghouse for resources about composting.

Making sense of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural regulations.

Illinois Agritourism
This site includes examples of Illinois Agritourism, information on business development, resources, and upcoming events.

Illinois Master Naturalists
University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Program provides science-based educational opportunities that connect people with nature and help them become engaged environmental stewards.

Illinois Small Farms
Information about upcoming events and resources relating to small farms and sustainable agriculture.

Illinois Steward
The Illinois Steward features articles about stewardship, conservation, preservation, and restoration of natural areas in Illinois.

Pesticide Safety Education Program
Fact sheets, newsletters and training information about pesticide safety.

Private Applicator Training (Online Course)
Online course to assist private pesticide applicators prepare for the licensing examination.

Spotlight on Natural Resources
John Church discusses topics related to natural resources in Illinois.

Septic Systems in Illinois
Information about site septic systems to treat wastewater